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Barbwire Hog®

The Barbwire Hog® is designed to dispense 3 strands of barbwire to the top of the fence. The pivoting arm will give the installer the ability to dispense barbwire from either side of the fence. The Barbwire Hog's consistent tension across each roll will allow you to use the entire roll of barbwire.

Fence Hog® Stretches and Dispenses

Developed with the assistance of Professional Fence Builders, the patented Fence Hog® unit was designed to satisfy customer request for a machine that picks up and dispenses cumbersome rolls of chain link fence easily with no physical effort.

Stretch-n-Go Hog® Woven Wire Dispenser

Developed with the assistance of Professional Fence Builders, the Stretch-n-Go Hog® fence dispenser can stretch up to 1/4 mile of woven wire in one load while it dispenses, that is four 330 ft. rolls or two 660 ft. rolls.

Mobile Mud Hog® Hydraulic Powered

EZ Grout added the Mobile Mud Hog® to its line of quality products to thoroughly and quickly mix materials and deliver those materials directly to the destination. The Mobile Mud Hog® comes standard-equipped with six masticated rubber blades that wipe the sides of the drum and continually cut while throwing the mix to the center of the drum to allow for the best mixing process.

Fencer's Cement Hog™

The Fencer's Cement Hog™ comes complete with universal skid-steer attachment and 45 degree kick-out on discharge assembly to allow the fencer to drive along the fence line and fill post holes easily. Already proven on thousands of jobsites, the Fencer's Cement Hog™ has quickly become the preferred method to deliver grout and concrete on pours from block work to post holes, piers and columns.

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